Keeping up the revolution of healthcare
Like it or not, innovation is happening in every industry. Be it business sector or the healthcare industry; this widespread revolution will continue to expand and intensify in coming years. Introduction of design thinking has not only changed the dynamics of business sectors; rather, it has brought about some disruptive changes in the healthcare industry as well. Implementing design thinking is all about humanizing the entire healthcare and patient experience. Design thinking is a human-centric method of putting the needs and challenges of the patient first and building solutions around the patients’ needs and demands. Where healthcare might be one of the last industries on the frontlines of innovation to embrace design thinking, it surely has brought large-scale transformation
Shifting to value-focused care and experience
Patient care is not restricted to the four walls of the hospital building. Here at Thinkinova, we understand the need for a patient-oriented ecosystem and healthcare experience. Our experts and professionals provide you with the right tools, strategies and methods to adopt and integrate design thinking in your healthcare system.

Here our experts understand the pressing needs and issues of the patients to come up with the right and effective design approach based on the factors like empathy, idea inspiration, rapid prototyping and experimenting and continuous testing. Our major objective is to improve the patient’s experience while enabling your teams to think creatively, understand the patient and construct solutions based on rapid prototyping.

Our co-create methodology to innovate and improve healthcare

The Thinkinova co-create methodology is an iterative, holistic , patient-centric approach to creative innovation and problem solving. Based on a mindset of collaboration, it extracts thoughts, and creative ideas via a facilitated workshop.

We need an active participation from physicians, patients, healthcare management, and other stakeholders. Co-creation is ideal for addressing complex, multi-stakeholder challenges in healthcare.

explore thinkinova

Explore: Patient-centric approach to gather insights and try-out ideas at an early stage

define thinkinova

Define: Address the opportunity, and problem framing to realize the improved future

ideate thinkinova

Ideate: Use creative thinking to identify solutions, select the most relevant, and create a shared understanding

design thinkinova

Design: Simulate situations, observe behaviors to experiment hypothesis

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