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What we do

Your not-so-typical boutique consulting firm, we at Thinkinova offer you highly effective and value-creating business innovation strategies. Our mission is to assist the business professionals in unravelling the complexities of business innovation while helping them to acquire a competitive edge with reliable business strategies and answers. With our result-focused approach and making-it-possible mindset, we make business innovation happen while moving our client forward across the global industrial sector.

Employing services and strategies tailored to your needs,
we build future-proof, innovation-focused
and customer-oriented organizations and businesses
Our Approach

Providing business design services, proven to amplify your business values and growth. With our approach and methodology , we are always at ready to innovate, manage and enhance your business models and strategies

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Design Thinking

A Human-centric and solution-based method, following systematic approach to solve problems in a creative and customer-oriented way
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Design Sprint

An adaptive method from Google Sprint, it is a step-by-step approach to innovate, solve problem and test new ideas in the market
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Business Model Transformations

Organizing your business based on business patterns and concepts, including the basic building blocks and transforming your business framework
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Lean Start Up

To give your business an entrepreneurial outlook, our lean startup methodologies aim to re-engineer your business
lean six sigma

Lean Six Sigma

Based on data-driven and disciplined improvement methodology, the process is used to reduce the chances of defects
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Disruptive Innovation

Innovation-driven growth theory that creates a new market and value network and eventually disrupts an existing market and value network

Strategic Thinking

You have fed up with analysis-paralysis for your strategy! its time now to think differently, deploy new business frameworks and develop your ability to innovate strategically
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Agile Development

A framework based on the iterative development process, it’s a people-focused, results-focused approach for continuous improvement
A Robust Innovation Blueprint
Providing you with extensive experience and expertise of professionals, we support and assist you in converting your growth objectives into actionable innovation plan
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We craft out a solid framework for your business innovation and growth. Turing your idea inspiration into your innovative growth plan, we aim to accelerate your business development.
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To ensure in-depth and comprehensive business innovation, we at Thinkinova employ advanced tools and methods to help you work on the strategies and methods that can innovate your business impactfully.
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The plan acts as the first draft for your business innovation initiative. From converting your innovation mission to coming up with an executable plan, we enable you to realize the challenges and opportunities of the business.
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