Turning your business problems into potential opportunities
The user-centered process not only cuts down the business inefficiency; rather, it also lets you make effective business decisions. Design Sprint enables the business to innovators identify the pain points of the users while allowing them to figure out the possible solutions for the users. Here at Thinkinova, we have a diverse teams of innovators and members to prototype, test and validate your business sprints within 5 Days!
Promising effective and efficient business design sprints
Resolving issues from user’s perception:

We start the design sprint process by identifying the pressing users’ problems to ideate, conceptualize, prototype and select the right prototype to gain valuable information and well-analyzed insights.

Brainstorming to define your business track:

The process lets you know whether your business is on the right track or not. It is done by rapid prototyping and dialogues with a small group of potential users and customers.

Authentication of finalized sprint design:

With thorough experience and in-depth expertise in business innovation, our highly proficient business innovators validate your business innovation ideas to ensure you with guaranteed progress towards entrepreneurial success.

A glimpse of the structure of our high-grade design sprint process

Comprising of high-spirited, passionate and ready-to-challenge-themselves individuals, our design sprint team can actually do wonders when it comes to revamping your business model, structure and approaches. Coming from various professional backgrounds and business experience, we excel in creative and critical thinking, thorough analysis, and creating effective solutions. To pace up your business innovation, we also offer a customizable 3-5 days design sprint program depending on your business needs and requirements. Here’s our typical design sprint process:


We define your business goals to map out possible solutions through existing knowledge.


We pinpoint the major problem to be resolved, using lighting demos and multiple ideation rounds.


We refine, converge and select the best possible concept, feature and functionalities to develop an effective storyboard prototype.


Through multiple rapid prototyping sessions, we come up with a viable solution and product to be tested.


With in-depth and insightful analysis and validation of hypotheses, we provide you with the best possible plan.

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Design Sprint tailored as your business needs and challenge, Design Sprint enables the business to innovators identify the pain points of the users while allowing them to figure out the possible solutions for the users.