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If you have a problem – Thinkinova has a solution. We aspire to enhance your business potential with our Design Thinking Program.

What is a Design Thinking Program?
Design thinking has always been considered as a downstream step in the process of development. For us, the primary purpose of design thinking is to make products and technologies look attractive and lucrative for the customers.

Design thinking is considered one of agile methodology for creating a spectrum of innovation, focused on human-centred design methdos, it enhances brand perception through communication strategies, evocative advertising and smart utilization of resources and concentrates on customer preferences

At Thinkinova, we believe that Innovation can only foster through direct observation and a thorough understanding of what people need and want in their lives.

Design Thinking Thinkinova
By Applying this methodology, you will attain a new set of skills, ready to thrive into the world of innovation, creating value for your customers and your business.

Here are some of the benefits you gain from our Design thinking Program:

  • Enhancing customer understanding and greater insight towards their needs
  • Quicker development, prototyping and validation of concepts
  • Quantified value proposition along with a substantial increase in sales pitch effectiveness
  • Drives business model design and maximises your value capture and value creation
  • Conceive and execute lean and agile developments strategies, enhancing innovation capabilities for business growth
  • Generate and implement innovation across all levels of the organization
Our design thinking program is for all corporate leaders, strategists, sales personnel, marketers and innovators looking to become disruptors in their respective industry.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an established business owner or a budding entrepreneur. Our job is to give you the most integrated, cutting-edge business practices into your corporate structure and business processes.

Program Duration?
Our design thinking program duration varies according to the complexity of the project and business needs. Generally, it takes 1-3 months time frame for us to transforms businesses.

We also offer a short version of our program where we undertake a 5-days specific challenge, which called Design Sprint.

Three Pillars of Design Thinking


Are we targeting the right idea? Innovation cannot be achieved without asking this question. Design thinking requires you to ask yourself, what will your customers achieve through using your product? The true purpose of innovation is to create something desirable by putting yourself in the shoes of the customer and validate that we are solving the right problem which is relevant to the customer's needs and desires.


How can create a solution that can make our business stronger and healthier? This is what the feasibility asks. It requires you to create something using your core strengths. An organisation can be strong from several aspects such as technology, customer service, branding, financial, partnerships. Feasibility demands working through your strengths rather than building on new capabilities. Otherwise, the investment will be at risk and have wasted resources.


The final test for innovation is viability. It focuses on bringing value to the customer and ensuring that your product is not only viable today but, in the future as well. Viability can only be achieved when your business model fits customer needs and it focuses not just on the profits but on sustainability as well to make sure your business contributes to the society and community. It's not an easy test and required many modelling and prototypes to test.
Design Thinking 3 pillars THINKINOVA
Customer Journey Map
One of the benefits of Design thinking Program is that it informs you about creating a customer journey map. A customer journey map is a visual representation of the customer’s experience when they interact with your brand.

We help leaders and managers get into the shoes of their customers and make them understand their experience. This is a detailed process that is handled with expertise to ensure you gain clarity on how your customers think and what needs to be improved.

customer journey map thinkinova
Design Thinking Phases
emphasize thinkinova


define thinkinova


ideate thinkinova




test thinkinova


Step 1 – Empathize

Empathy is perhaps one of the key elements that make the different from every other sector in the world. It involves communicating and interacting with the patient through interviews and non-judgemental observations and shadowing. No viable solution can take place unless the challenges faced by the service user are experienced first hand.

Step 2 – Define

How can you design a solution without defining the problem? Design thinking requires you to define the challenges you seek to address and what role everyone is supposed to play. It also requires reframing the problem in a human-centric way. It is important that every problem-solving process starts with defining every aspect of the process.

Step 3 – Ideate

Don’t just jump on board with the first idea that pops into your mind, take time and evaluate its pros and cons. This step requires the sharing of ideas, brainstorming different ways and prioritizing objectives. This sessphase will help to discover hidden ideas, generate new ones and bringing all voices equally to the table

Step 4 – Prototype

In this step, mock-ups are carried out, all possible failure are identified, quick iteration and all the hands-on information is gathering before the actual implication of the solution. This step is important in particular as it involves judging ideas before they are implemented in real-life situations.

Step 5 – Testing

Here you evaluate what solutions work and what doesn’t. In this step, you ask yourself how can things improve and then start over. Testing is important in particular because implementing an idea without testing them can cause more harm than good.

Where To Apply Design Thinking For Innovation?

Design Thinking for Product Development


“Businesses thrive on innovation” – Steve Eppinger, MIT Professor


Recreate product design and showcase a deeper understanding of people. Identify and create more successful solutions for individuals, organisations, and society.The starting point of innovation is understanding people and how to create meaningful value for them. In our experience design thinking allows new ideas to foster through researching and reviewing existing products. It also involves interviewing people and getting a much deeper understanding of human needs.

product development thinkinova

Effecient design thinking focuses on co-creation that requires a loop of constant interaction and engagement between the product designer and the user. Treat everything like a prototype, like an unfinished product that can always be re-invented and improved.

We believe, the more you observe, the more you learn about the world around you and that understanding gets reflected in the design process. In design thinking program, we treat everything like a prototype and treat everything like an unfinished product that can always be re-invented and improved.

Three principles of design thinking: Focusing on user outcomes, Diverse empowered teams and Restless reinvention.

Service Design Thinkinova

Design Thinking for Service Innovation


 “A design isn’t finished until somebody is using it.” – Brenda Laurel, Designer at MIT


Innovation is not just limited to tangible products it can also be shown through service designs. The basic principle of service design and innovation is the unprecedented focus. Our focus is that your service being designed is based on the genuine comprehension of its intended purpose. Service innovation is efficient when it is created with the input of its user.

Every design process has certain principles that are needed to be followed to maintain the service innovation. Some of the key principles are:

One: Everything that fails to increase or add value for the customer should immediately be eliminated, the process should always reflect the needs of the customers

Two: The design work should always be constructed around its process and not its internal constructs, where the process should have minimum dependencies with no fragmentation in the work unless necessary

Three: The variation in process should always be kept at minimum and avoid delays and breaks, process KPIs will only be measuring things that matter

Design Thinking for Business Transformation


“An approach that leads to impact in business growth, strategy and customer relationship.”


Authentic innovation conveys real Outcomes. Outcomes in introducing new product-service experiences to create value in a business, in realizing the changing customer expectations or in growing existing markets. In essence, evolving meaningful design solutions through a design thinking approach, co-created with all stakeholders, results in business transformation.

This program can be tailored for the professional who is aiming to improve define, design and implement innovative strategies in their various ecosystems and achieve higher value to their businesses.

Business Transformation Thinkinova

The Desired outcomes of the Program are:

  • Discover an deep insights on existing and future customers.
  • Realize customer empathy needs/ problems and wants/emotions.
  • Reinforce company value by identifying and acting on new opportunities efficiently.
  • Redefine / frame problems and needs, find the right problem that need to be solved!
  • Identify and shape business opportunities through an holistic view.
  • Determine, understand and transfer your findings to appropriate stakeholders

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