From conventional to entrepreneurial market success

We innovate your business ideas, strategies and approaches. Speeding up business evolution, Thinkinova is run business creative and designers having expertise in human-centric innovation. Our methodologies and techniques are a surefire way to make your business succeed in the real world. From generative modelling to rethinking and structuring your business, we help organizations to convert their business success into a viable reality.

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Design Thinking Program

Innovate on human-centred design approach

Considered one of agile methodology for creating a spectrum of innovation, focused on customer-center, it enhances brand perception through communication strategies

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Facilitation and Coaching Workshop

Deliver your ideas effeciently and effectivly

Help organizations cope up in the competitive business environment, focus on your listening and questioning skills, allowing you to be better at offering feedback and facilitate meetings

Design Sprint

Driving innovating ideas into business reality

With the right approaches and a solid five-day plan, we provide you with comprehensive solutions for some of the critical and pivotal business questions through thorough testing and insightful prototyping.

Strategy Sprint

Benefit from strategy formulation service

Protecting your business’s future and making your business customer-oriented, we provide you with the highest standard strategies and campaigns to revolutionize your business and convert it into a money-spinning enterprise.

Business Design Sprint

Framing your business innovation design

Equipped with the right strategies and tools for business innovation, we at Thinkinova excel in the art of improving your business value and adding value to the core operating model.

Strategy Implementation Program (Agile Development)

Overcome the gab between strategy and execution

The actual value and worth of a strategy are determined once it succeeds in delivering the right results. Here at Thinkinova, we work in close collaboration with our clients to ensure effective execution of strategies.

Corporate Initiative Program (Accelerator )

We shape the business to inspire innovation

Sticking with you throughout the entire business innovation cycle to help organizations in changing and improving the way they modernize and streamline corporate firms.

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Design Thinking for Healthcare

We reinvent the contexts healthcare

Employing innovative approaches and practices to remodel the operations and solving-problem methods and strategies to ensure successful delivery of the excellent patient experience.