Your business model is the starting point for business innovation
The business model is nothing more than a holistic and systematic structure that shows how you can generate more profits, revenues and leads. It gives a logical description of how the customers and business interact. Business innovation model is all about making thoughtful changes to the existing business model to increase customer satisfaction and gain a significant edge over potential competitors.

Rethinking the way you do business from selling products to subscription-based service experiences? We specify requirements for recurring revenue streams, ongoing client relationships, and sustain service operations. The desired outcome of our 2-4 Days business design sprint is to achieve:

  • Market and competitor analysis to discover untapped differentiation opportunities
  • Business model design and hypotheses testing to ensure viability
  • Re-engineering your operations to transform the new way of doing business
Mapping out the right innovation plan for future-proof business
The brainwork of one of the most influential names in business strategy and innovation and author of Business Model Generation, Alex Osterwalder’s business design sprint focuses on integrating and enhancing the values of your organization. It’s all about improving the collaboration between different teams, strengthening your business strategies and creating a better and secure future for your business model and organization. Identify business opportunities through an holistic view and implement the design thinking concepts to create a viable product or service.

Here’s how we can help with business model canvas concept:

  • Customer definition: We define the right set of customers and consumers to be targeted.
  • Value Proposition: Identifying the products and services that can solve the problems of a certain segment of customers, thus adding value to the organization.
  • Sales channels identification: We help you in pinpointing the right sales channels to reach and convey the offered values.
  • Crucial resources: We help you in defying the key resources to operate and innovate your business model.
  • Business cost structure: With our thorough and well-thought-out approaches, we provide you with a comprehensive cost structure.
  • Re-engineering business model: After evaluating and identifying each block and how it effects on your market, will work togather to re-shape and re-moding your business.
Design a Value Proposition for your business, product, and customer experience
Here at Thinkinova, our sole objective is to transform your business values and build a better and more modern entrepreneurial organization. Displacing the outdated models, we present you with a wide-ranging plethora of innovative business methods to innovate your business in your preferred way. Whether you are struggling with business revamping or still unsure about innovation model, Thinkinova is the one-stop platform and the right innovation partner.

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