Steering your business ideas towards entrepreneurial success
Defining your innovation accelerator
We provide you with well-strategized business methods and strategies to innovate your business. From coming up with new and innovative ideas and breaking them into demonstrable hypotheses to refining your business idea within a few months’ time, we at Thinkinova guarantee you with extensive business innovation through:


  • Determine and articulate your strategic direction
  • Define the right business model for your innovation
  • Collaborate with your team to put your initiative on execution
Strategy Execution Thinkinova
What makes our innovation accelerator worth your investment?
Want to accelerate the takeoff speed of your business growth? Innovation accelerator is something that every corporate firm to streamline their organization with rapidly growing startups and entrepreneurial enterprises.

The initiative program is carried out by internal corporate teams. The entire program is focused on a single target i.e. to establish a new venture. Following well-structured and thoughtfully strategized methodologies, these teams test and experiment with various assumptions to define the practicality, capacity and public appeal of the hypothesized venture idea. From attracting investors and new talent, innovation accelerators are changing the conventional approach of business modernization. Innovation accelerators might just be the most lucrative opportunity to establish, expand and escalate your business success and growth.

Your journey from in-house startup to a leading business organization
The best part about running innovation accelerators is that teams belonging to different disciplines work together to bring innovative solutions to the market. Usually, accelerators direct and monitor 3-5 corporate teams about effective entrepreneurial practices and methodologies. We follow a typical accelerator process based on the below-mentioned format:
define thinkinova

Defining the scope of business issues to be resolved.

execute thinkinova

Identification of the major pain points of the business users.

ideate thinkinova

Ideating the possible solutions.

Thinkinova icon

Strategizing a better and workable business model design.


Deciding on the best possible and well-suited business model.

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