How To Apply Project Management Principles in Innovation Program?

The project management processes fall into five major categories: initiating, planning, executing, monitoring, and controlling, and closing. Project management principles are highly effective in their application in business innovation programs. Read the article to learn how.

How to tailor the Design Sprint for various aspects of business?

Most business owners usually inquire about why and how they should adopt a design sprint approach in their business. How will the process the added value to their business activities, and is it worth the time and money required to make it work? The answer to this is a big YES.

Service Design and UX Design how they connected with Design Thinking?

In order to adapt to any service design, a UX designer needs to have an in-depth understanding of service design basic principles. For employing any service design process in the organization, designers must be familiar with a different type of tool that can help connect the two ideas.

How to build a robust innovation strategy that works?

Why do brands need an innovation strategy? The answer is simple. It establishes the goals that are required for product development. It helps define the product or the service that you want customers to use. Therefore, it is important that you have the right understanding of the concept.

How to apply Design Thinking for Healthcare Transformation?

Design thinking in healthcare attempts to solve the common challenges that are faced by medical professionals in treating patients. Design thinking allows healthcare professionals to take a creative approach to provide services.

How Design Thinking, Lean Start-up, and Agile Development integrate together for innovation?

Design thinking is a creative problem-solving process that is human centred and encourages organisations to focus on the people i.e., customers. It is used for creating value for the customers through different tactics such as lean start-up and agile development.

Why defining the right problem is so important?

In a design thinking process, the primary task that needs to be handled is problem definition. Without a well-stated problem, you cannot find the right path and attain the right solution. Managers and innovation strategists need to understand the importance of defining the problem...

Why human-centered approach of strategic boutique consulting is disruptive?

Unlike traditional consulting firms, boutique consulting “business designer” firms have specialized individuals with disruptive work-ethic. They seek to challenge the norms and emphasize significantly on the innovation aspect. Boutique consulting firm’s services vary from...

How Design Sprint can help to innovate and build a new solution?

Design sprint approach can help your business understand problems at different levels and come up with a creative solution. This approach creates prototypes and tests those solutions on the end-users. You can do all this with a time span of a few days.

How will Strategy Co-creation Sprint rejuvenate your business transformation journey?

Strategy design sprints are becoming popular in the corporate world and for good reasons, as well. It is an innovative approach that promotes co-creation to take place while minimizing the associated risks involved in product creation.

Why Business Model Innovation is Disruptive?

A business’s ability to embrace and leverage ‘change’ can be the difference between success and failure. Especially necessary change like Business model innovation

Strategy vs. Execution: Where is the Missing Link?

Great strategies usually fall flat during the execution phase. Find out what the common deterrents are in the successful execution of a strategy.

Why Design Thinking should be implemented in companies for business innovation?

Design thinking is all about providing design-based approaches toward solving problems. It is a non-linear, iterative process that allows the designer to understand its end-user and create assumptions and create innovative solutions

Why Companies need an accelerator for their innovation?

Rethinking the ways you innovate and become a disrupter in the industry? We help your business get rid of the challenges of strategizing and innovating and adopt a successful start-up approach.